About MIK & idea of 'Made in India' store

'Mayur Indian Kitchen' is a growing chain of Indian restaurants, caterers, and Indian food delivery system that came into being in the winter of 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan. It serves authentic Indian food (台北印度菜), like Thalis (set menus) bread, curries and tandoori dishes of halal meat (清真料理) from 14 different cuisines of India, with additional expertise in South Indian, halal (清真料理) & pure vegetarian food. It also boasts a well-equipped bar with many varieties of beer, whiskey and wine. We are open for Indian food catering, delivery, take away, or to organize events in Taipei, Taiwan. All of the 'Mayur Indian Kitchen' channels share a consistently delivered product that is beautifully presented and deliciously different.

Mayur's Made in India story 
We started when we see our beloved Indian prime minister 'Mr. Narendra Modi' took the initiative of 'Make in India' concept to boost manufacturing in India, devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub, & also creating awareness about Indian products or the products made in India at the International market. This initiative also creates jobs within the nation and that time we asked ourselves, 'How we can contribute into it as an Indian citizen!? Why there is no service like Amazon or Flipkart for Indian Groceries in Taipei, Taiwan!?' Expanding on this question, we asked how can we use technology to eliminate mundane tasks like grocery shopping to give our customers time to do more fun things.


當我們看到我們敬愛的印度總理 'Mr. Narendra Modi'時,我們就開始主動採用「印度產品」的概念來推動印度製造業,希望將印度轉變為全球設計和製造中心,並在國際市場上創造世界對印度產品的認識。這項倡議也在國內創造了就業機會,那時我們問自己,「我們如何能夠作為一名印度公民為之做出貢獻!?」、「為什麼在台灣台北沒有像亞馬遜或Flipkart這樣的印度雜貨店服務!?」基於這些問題,我們思考如何利用科技使雜貨店購物等便更加方便快速,讓我們的客戶有時間做更多有趣的事情

Our Mission
We intend to make Mayur's online store into a one-stop Online Indian Grocery store that serves all your needs and helps Indian manufacturers, big or small to grow more in the world market.
We believe in providing world class service to customers shopping for Indian groceries.
Free shipping for orders NTD 4000 above is our target in Taipei, postal charges applicable outside T aipei.We provide great service at affordable prices to touch the lives of all.


在台北消費NTD 4000以上免費送貨,台北以外的郵資。我們以實惠的價格提供優質的服務,以影響所有人的生活

What's special about Mayur's Indian Stores Taiwan & how it's related to 'Made in India' initiative in Taipei, Taiwan1?

Mayur Indian Kitchen which is well known for an Indian restaurant chain in Taipei, Taiwan has set up an easy way to share fresh Indian food products, groceries for everyone at best price.
Welcome to indianstoretaiwan.com.!!! where hundreds of Indian grocery, health & beauty products are available just a click away. The growing demand of the Indian spices, tea, food groceries in Taipei, Taiwan pushed MIK Taiwan to go for an Indian store in Taiwan.
 Mayur's Indian Store is a subsidiary of 'DO it co. ltd' which is registered in Taipei, Taiwan. We are financing and buying from small manufacturing units / new potential companies to produce more quality 'ORGANIC' Indian products in India & pulling it to Taiwan. Our aim is not only to bring you the variety of the best quality Indian products in the most efficient manner but also helps to generate jobs & skill within India-Taiwan and gives better opportunities to grow together. We are committed to our customers & buyer for a better life. Thank you for your patronage.



1. 5% - 10% cash discount on Ala-carte food order, every time at all Mayur Indian Kitchen locations.

2. Enjoy the discounts on all Mayur Indian store products while shopping with VIP membership card.

3. Get Special cake at your advance Birthday booking or 10% discounts on a group booking for more than 8 people.

4. Like our Facebook and IG pages and regularly get news about discounts, promotions, free things for MIK's VIP cardholder only.

1.所有馬友友印度廚房餐廳,只要是單點餐點,均可享受5% -  10%的現金折扣。



4.更多VIP折扣消息都在我們的Facebook和IG粉專,我們會定期推出有關MIK VIP卡持卡人的折扣、促銷、免費贈品的訊息。





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