About MIK & idea of 'Made in India' store

Mayur Indian Kitchen Taipei
'Mayur Indian Kitchen' is a growing chain of Indian restaurants, caterers, and Indian food delivery system that came into being in the winter of 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan. It serves authentic Indian food (台北印度菜), like Thalis (set menus) bread, curries and tandoori dishes of halal meat (清真料理) from 14 different cuisines of India, with additional expertise in South Indian, halal (清真料理) & pure vegetarian food. It also boasts a well-equipped bar with many varieties of beer, whiskey and wine. We are open for Indian food catering, delivery, take away, or to organize events in Taipei, Taiwan. All of the 'Mayur Indian Kitchen' channels share a consistently delivered product that is beautifully presented and deliciously different.

Mayur's Made in India story 
We started when we see our beloved Indian prime minister 'Mr. Narendra Modi' took the initiative of 'Make in India' concept to boost manufacturing in India, devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub, & also creating awareness about Indian products or the products made in India at the International market. This initiative also creates jobs within the nation and that time we asked ourselves, 'How we can contribute into it as an Indian citizen!? Why there is no service like Amazon or Flipkart for Indian Groceries in Taipei, Taiwan!?' Expanding on this question, we asked how can we use technology to eliminate mundane tasks like grocery shopping to give our customers time to do more fun things.

Our Mission
We intend to make Mayur's online store into a one-stop Online Indian Grocery store that serves all your needs and helps Indian manufacturers, big or small to grow more in the world market.
We believe in providing world class service to customers shopping for Indian groceries.
Free shipping for orders NTD 4000 above is our target in Taipei, postal charges applicable outside T aipei.We provide great service at affordable prices to touch the lives of all.