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馬友友印度廚房 - 背景故事 Mayur Indian Kitchen - The Story Untold
To be a chef, one has to love food, the ingredients and possess a strong understanding of cooking techniques. And this has to come from a very early tender age. And what better place, than home. I was disciplined and Inspired by my mother, and started making breakfast right from a young age.

從製作簡單早餐開始,到煮整桌全餐給家人,一路漸漸地走出新的里程。在德里的飯店管理學校還有一些五星級餐廳中(像是泰姬、 歐貝羅伊、萬豪酒店、威斯汀等),我也學會了更多的烹飪技巧。在2006年,有個在台北大型飯店工作的機會,我就藉這個機會搬到了台北市。
The Journey from making small breakfasts to complete meals for the family grew to a new dimension, thanks to culinary skills imparted to me at Delhi Hotel Management School and various 5-star kitchens like the Taj, Oberoi, Marriott, Westin, etc. In 2006, I got the opportunity to work with a large hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, and shifted to Taipei City.

每個偉大故事背後都有個小小的起點,我們的品牌也是如此。2008年,我在士林夜市開始擺攤。創業起步時,和所有創業家一樣,我也面臨了困難的挑戰和挫折。不過,重整思緒,理解為何客人不受吸引過後,重新構思在原地重整.... 突然許許多多的客人湧到了我的店裡,欣賞我的料理。
Every great story has a humble beginning. Such was our brand. In 2008, I opened my own food stall at the famous Shilin Night Market of Taipei. And Like every new entrepreneur, I faced hard challenges and setbacks, but I gathered my thoughts together and understood the reason why I was not able to attract customers and reimplemented the revised idea at the same place... BOOM... Endless Customers visiting my store and appreciating my food.


The first real established shop of Mayur Indian Kitchen was in 2011. MIK-1, a small home food store near Taipei 101, attracts a lot of customers daily. The concept of home cooking was adopted to a commercial shop and was accepted readily by the local population. The appreciation grew day by day, helping MIK establish a series of restaurants across various places in Taipei, Hsinchu, and Taichung. Today, as you read this, Mayur Indian Kitchen has transformed itself from a small roadside store to the largest chain of Indian Restaurants and Grocery Shop in Taiwan. And the secret to Growth: Don't forget where you came from, Stay Humble and work on your strengths. Don't look at what others are doing, but concentrate on how you can get better each day.

Our Mission with MIK Stores 
We intend to make Mayur's online store into a one-stop Online Indian Grocery store that serves all your needs and helps Indian manufacturers, big or small to grow more in the world market.
We believe in providing world class service to customers shopping for Indian groceries.
Free shipping for orders NTD 4000 above is our target in Taipei, postal charges applicable outside T aipei.We provide great service at affordable prices to touch the lives of all.

Mayur's Made in India story 
We started when we see our beloved Indian prime minister 'Mr. Narendra Modi' took the initiative of 'Make in India' concept to boost manufacturing in India, devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub, & also creating awareness about Indian products or the products made in India at the International market. This initiative also creates jobs within the nation and that time we asked ourselves, 'How we can contribute into it as an Indian citizen!? Why there is no service like Amazon or Flipkart for Indian Groceries in Taipei, Taiwan!?' Expanding on this question, we asked how can we use technology to eliminate mundane tasks like grocery shopping to give our customers time to do more fun things.