Can I order food by phone and pickup later to get discounts!? or free delivery!?

Yes, you can order your favorite Indian food from us anytime you want by giving us a call or by line: @miktaiwan or by WhatsApp: +886921004175, even though you can 'schedule' your order a day or week before using our website link given below:

or for food and grocery together is below!

How can I pay for my food order!?

You can pay COD (cash on delivery) or for contactless delivery, you can transfer into our bank account:

Bank Name : First bank
account no. 143-51-123177
Branch code in case of Atm to Atm transfer : 007

for online payment by credit card, anyone can pay here

Pay us:

(we suggest you talk by call +886921004175 (Whatsapp) or line: @miktaiwan to us before doing any payment)

We also accept payment by Paypal!

Where can i see your menu!?

All menus of Mayur Indian Kitchens are here at

for food delivery menu, click here:

for ordering groceries and food, go to this website:

How to buy products online at Mayur's 'Make in India' online store!?
Follow the step process :
Step 1: Choose an eligible item and 'add to cart' It will be automatically saved.
Step 2: Choose your quantity.

Step 3: Once you are done with your shopping. Click on 'view cart' and recheck the quantity and price of the products for final confirmation and payment. click on 'Checkout'
Step 4: Choose your schedule by selecting the number and Days or Weeks or Months.
Step 5: Fill your complete address, phone no. etc. and click continues.
Step 6: Free Shipping/ online payment is available, so choose these methods of payment and goods delivery.

Step 7: Note down your 'order no.' and kindly wait for our confirmation email or phone call.

What kind of products Mayur's 'Made in India' online stores sells?
Ans: We sells 'Physical Indian goods' and products related to India. We do not deal with Digital products / Services etc. We are an online seller and doesn't have any branch whatsoever anywhere in Taiwan etc.

Is Mayur's Make in India online stores in Taipei is operated registered company in Taiwan?
Ans: Yes, the website, the company is owned and operated by a company that is officially registered in Taiwan.

If a customer is not fully satisfied with the product, how to return the product and what's the duration, procedure?
Ans: If a customer is not fully satisfied with the product.It could be EXCHANGED only with some another product by following terms & conditions.
1. The product must be returned within 3 working days with a valid reason.
2. The product must be returned in its original packaging.
3. The product shouldn't be used or damaged.
4. The product must have the receipt or proof of purchase

Do The Mayur's Make in India online store reserves the right to refuse a refund if any refund conditions aren't met?
Ans: Yes, we will not refund or exchange a product if it doesn't meet any refund conditions

Who pays for the shipping costs, in the case of a return or refund/exchange!?
The customer pays for the shipping costs, in case of a return/refund or exchange

Do customers need to contact stores online before returning a product?
Yes, customers must 'email' us before returning a product

Where should customers send the product?
The exact location where goods were picked up