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Scan this QR code to pay by LINE pay system!
How to connect any credit card to a Line payment getaway!? Click here to understand!

Credit card payment link付款: https://p.ecpay.com.tw/E80EBAD


在此支付餐點、商店購物或服務,我們的目標是為馬友友來賓提供最具競爭力與靈活的價格。若您發現任何困難,用Line: @miktaiwan或Whatsapp+886921004175與我們保持聯絡

Pay us here for our food, products, or provide services, or any kind of payment for events etc. our goal is to offer the most competitive and flexible prices for MIK guests.  If you find any difficulty, get in touch with us LINE: miktaiwan or Whatsapp +886921004175

Note: If your credit card is International, You can click on paypal link below, it accepts International credict cards, Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc. (Made in Taiwan credit cards pay from above given link)

2. If you message us on social media/line, please give us some time to reply during heavy online traffic)

1. Buy any grocery / food / spices from MIK Taiwan
Restaurants/ Physical stores or online sites. (Checkout Cash pay if buying online)

2. Come to this link, Scan the QR code to pay us  by LINE just by scanning the QR code.
(Do not forget to connect your any credit card to connect to Line payment getaway if you are carrying an International credit card which is not made in Taiwan)

3. Show it to our staff or Send us the successful payment screenshot on our official LINE chatbox.