Cancer remained the top cause of death in Taiwan in 2018 | 癌症在2018年仍為台灣死因之首

Cancer remained the number one killer in Taiwan in 2018, according to statistics released Wednesday by the Ministry of the Interior (MOI). 根據內政部週三時公佈的統計數據,台北,癌症在2018年仍為台灣頭號殺手。

Cancer has remained the top killer in Taiwan for the past 37 years, while cardiac disease was the number two cause of death for the 11th straight year last year, followed by pneumonia, the MOI said.


These diseases alone led to 83,774 deaths in 2018, the ministry said, noting that the number of deaths caused by the three diseases was an increase over the previous year.


According to the latest MOI statistics, the average life expectancy in Taiwan was 80.69 years in 2018, with men and women averaging a record 77.55 years and 84.05 years, respectively.


Hypothetically speaking, if cancer could be removed from the mortality table, Taiwan's average life expectancy would have been 3.94 years higher, at 84.63 years, in 2018, it said.


Besides cancer, heart disease and pneumonia, the next most common causes of death in Taiwan, in descending order, were cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, accidents, chronic lower respiratory diseases, hypertension-related diseases, kidney disease, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. 除癌症,心臟病和肺炎外,台灣次之最常見的死亡原因,依次是腦血管疾病、糖尿病、事故、慢性下呼吸道疾病、高血壓相關疾病、腎臟疾病、慢性肝病和肝硬化。

The causes of death among men and women also varied, the MOI said, citing for example that deaths caused by cancer, cerebrovascular disease and accidents were found mostly among men, while diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease mostly affected women, the MOI said. 男性和女性的死亡原因也各不相同,內政部表示,例如癌症、腦血管疾病和意外事故造成的死亡多發於男性,而糖尿病、高血壓和腎臟疾病則主要影響女性。

Factors such as occupation, physical condition and eating habits play a huge part in the difference, the ministry added. 內政部補充,職業、身體狀況和飲食習慣等因素在差異中佔了龐大部分。

Some good habits to prevent cancer: 一些防癌的好習慣:

Eat more healthy food 多吃健康食物

Maintain proper weight 維持適當體重

Avoid excessive drinking 避免過量飲酒

Keep relaxed emotions 常保輕鬆情緒

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