Latest News from India - Supreme Court Clears Routes for the Ram Mandir 來自印度的最新消息 - 最高法院表明了羅摩神廟之途

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

The long pending dispute at the apex court of India pertaining the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, finally has been put to rest with clearance issued for Temple construction and alternate site allocation for construction of the Mosque. 在印度最高法院的阿尤德亞市羅摩神廟長期懸而未決的爭端終於得以解決,做出淨空以建造神廟,並為清真寺的建造分配了備用地點。

The Supreme Court has also ordered the Central Government of India to form a trust to oversee the construction of the temple. And certainly the current Government under the able leadership of Shri.Narendra Modi ji will take this up with highest priority. 最高法院還下令印度中央政府成立一個信託機構以監督神廟的建造。 當然,現任政府將在Shren.Narendra Modi ji的有力領導下,將其作為最高優先事項。

The decision certainly was a very tough one considering the heat around the issue for decades now. It is us as Positive Indian Citizens to accept the court order and maintain decorum going forward. 就數十年來圍繞這個問題的激烈討論而言,這無疑是一個非常艱難的決定。 作為積極的印度公民,我們將接受法院的命令並維持今後的端正。

While on one side, literally Lord Ram has won a battle, we also should look to uphold the other principles preached by Lord Ram. It is not the temple alone that can make us prosper. It is us as citizens to focus on the core issues of the society and follow the well laid out principles by Lord Ram. We should look to solve the persistent community issues like Right to Education, Women Empowerment, Swatch Bharat soon. That is when, a true Ram Rajya can be experienced. 一方面,從字面上看,羅摩閣下已經贏得了一場戰鬥,但我們也應該堅持秉承羅摩閣下所宣揚的其他信念。 不僅是神廟能夠使我們繁榮。 作為公民,我們是關注社會的核心問題,並遵循羅摩閣下優良的信念。 我們應該尋求盡快解決諸如教育權、女權、公共環境衛生等長期存在的社會問題。 到那時,才能實踐真正的羅摩之治。

What we can learn from Lord Rama is great discipline and principles. His respect for women, his importance to intellect are some key learning aspects.

我們可以從羅摩閣下身上學到的是偉大的紀律和原則。 他對女性的尊重、對智力的重視是關鍵的學習面。

"Unity in diversity", "India will remain secular" "Hindu Muslim are brothers" kind slogans were shared by netizens from both Hindu and Muslims community who were waiting for the verdict of case since decades!


In fact, #hindumuslimbhaibhai (Hindu-Muslim are brothers) became the top trending hashtag social media since after the verdict.


This actually tells the brotherhood between the two biggest communities in India who lives together peacefully in such a culturally diverse country called India, Bharat or Hindustan in various languages like English, Hindi and Urdu!


We wish that upcoming days will bring more peace and growth for both communities as well as for India as a country! Jai Shri Ram


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