The World's biggest Ayurveda company in Taiwan now! 印度No.1醫藥、保健、食品製造商@PATANJALI

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Patanjali Ayurveda, the world's biggest and famous Indian company for organic and herbal products, groceries, cosmetics is in Taipei, Taiwan now.


Patanjali Ayurved Limited 帕坦加利 阿育吠陀,2006年成立於印度哈里瓦,全球擁有超過20萬名員工,為印度傳統阿育吠陀醫學(Ayurved)保健食品、藥品,天然草本商品、消費性產品的先進製造、銷售商。今日Patanjali產品通過授權,除了在印度和海外擁有超過47000個零售點、3500家經銷商外,並在各主要區域設立生產工廠。Patanjali集團旗下設有阿育吠陀醫學中心、大學院校、研發中心、瑜伽教學、銷費性商品生產製造…等事業部。集團年增長率為130%,目前也正積極進軍全球主要市場。該集團已經陸續在美國,加拿大,英國,俄羅斯,迪拜和亞洲、歐洲國家,展現其強大的市場策略與企圖心。Patanjali帕坦加利業務團隊,結合通過ISO、GMP認證的現代化生產工廠,在嚴格品質控制下,協助人們擁抱自然、迎向健康的生活方式。

帕坦加利, 擁抱大自然的祝福

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What's special about Mayur's Indian Stores Taiwan & how it's related to 'Made in India' initiative in Taipei, Taiwan1?

Mayur Indian Kitchen which is well known for an Indian restaurant chain in Taipei, Taiwan has set up an easy way to share fresh Indian food products, groceries for everyone at best price.
Welcome to!!! where hundreds of Indian grocery, health & beauty products are available just a click away. The growing demand of the Indian spices, tea, food groceries in Taipei, Taiwan pushed MIK Taiwan to go for an Indian store in Taiwan.
 Mayur's Indian Store is a subsidiary of 'DO it co. ltd' which is registered in Taipei, Taiwan. We are financing and buying from small manufacturing units / new potential companies to produce more quality 'ORGANIC' Indian products in India & pulling it to Taiwan. Our aim is not only to bring you the variety of the best quality Indian products in the most efficient manner but also helps to generate jobs & skill within India-Taiwan and gives better opportunities to grow together. We are committed to our customers & buyer for a better life. Thank you for your patronage.


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3. Get Special cake at your advance Birthday booking or 10% discounts on a group booking for more than 8 people.

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