MIK subsidized grocery for students in need during Covid19 situation in Taiwan.

As we all know #COVID19 pandemic has now risen to a global health crisis across the globe, doesn't matter it is India or Taiwan or anywhere in the world, everyone is struggling and everyone has got affected less or more! The number of people infected by the coronavirus is adding day by day and everyone's energy is getting exhausted to come out of this situation.

Govt's are doing their job and scientists are proving saviors. Let's hope for the best, be positive and stand altogether during this crucial time. In that manner, Mayur Indian Stores known as MIK stores in Taiwan is taking an initiative to provide subsidized grocery for students in need or anyone needful person struggling during this pandemic. We do not have unlimited stock to share but whatever and whichever we can, we will do our best to assist. We request you to kindly fill up the given Google form below and tell us your requirement. We will be doing our best to help our team, community, and people around us. Google Form Please note:

1. Once you submit your requisition, kindly message us on our line: @miktaiwan

2. Give our team a bit of time to respond to you (weekends delivery not possible but self-pickup is open from all MIK stores in Taipei, Hsinchu, and Taichung once we call you or confirm with you either by line or a phone call.

3. The packing, delivery, payment takes time, so please be patient!

4. Anyone could pay cash or by ATM/BANK transfer given by our official Line handle only.

5. If anyone is facing difficulty with funds in Taiwan, Talk to us on line, we will help you out.

6. The Quality and Quantity is limited as it is stocked for Mayur Indian Kitchens, so once we are about to sell out of anything, we will stop selling or remove such item, meanwhile, we will keep adding if we get new stocks from India.

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