Quarantined in Taipei,Taiwan!? MIK store offers for free delivery of food, drinks, everyday grocery!

How MIK delivery assist you during your quarantine in Taipei, Taiwan!?

Indian or western fresh food, veg./non veg. or Muslim friendly halal food, vegan cuisine or just say fast food like burgers, pizzas etc, we do it all! (visit indianstoretaiwan.com)

We cook, we arrange, we deliver any food or groceries required as per your needs and pocket on an everyday basis.

Our food is fresh and delivery is prompt which is known as MIK delivery in Taipei, Taiwan. Read our guest review below who were in #quarantine recently because of #Covid19 #Wuhanvirus #pandemic :


印度或西式新鮮食物、葷素或穆斯林友善清真食物、純素料理或者說速食如漢堡、披薩等,我們都做!(造訪 indianstoretaiwan.com)


以台灣台北馬友友外送為名的我們食物新鮮並且交貨迅速。閱讀以下最近因為 #新冠肺炎 #五翰病毒 #流行病#隔離 的顧客評論:

Recently, Food Delivery as one of the industries experiencing increased demand during the coronavirus pandemic,

Delivery services giants like Ubereats, Foodpanda and Deliveroo, are all experiencing increased demand for their services and have taken steps like offering contactless delivery to protect customers and delivery drivers.

So what special are we doing as MIK delivery in Taipei, Taiwan!? what's the difference!?

Please read below.

1. We serve fresh food, this is what we are known for in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung cities in Taiwan, check our

Indian and international restaurants at Indianfoodtaiwan.com

2. We do 'out of the box' things by which we like to comfort our guests during hard time of two weeks or less period of quarantine. Read more recommendations by recent quarantined people in Taiwan.

Text us on WhatsApp or Line to know more!

3. The biggest issue during quarantine are payments, we help you for a contact less, tension-free mode of cash or credit card payments in any International currency without cutting your pocket

(exchanges as per bank rates, without any extra hidden charges)

4. If you are looking for Halal or Vegan cuisine or you are a Jewish man or woman or having kids, it doesn't matter wherever are you from, whatever is your race, we offer you various services depends upon your pocket for food, drinks, personal things, cosmetics, medicine, etc. those whichever are available in Taiwan (locally available or imported)

FAQ (Ask anything online on whatsapp or LINE)

☆Do we accept online payments, USD or International currencies besides the New Taiwan Dollar (local currency on Taiwan)!?

Yes, we do! we have an online payment system where you can choose to pay online, Apple, Samsung pay, pay by credit card or the easiest one is paying cash! Yes, without contact.

☆We are quarantined in the hotel and we are not able to go out! Could you deliver till our doorstep!?

Yes, we do deliver at your door step of the hotel, house, hostel etc. In case if we could not reach to your doorstep, we will manage and arrange that your order should reach to you in a timely manner by following the hygienic standards and at a reasonable price.

Do you also deliver groceries!?

YES, Just FYI we import Indian and Non-Indian ingredients, snacks, food products for chain of MIK (www.indianfoodtaiwan.com) We deliver groceries every day everywhere in Taiwan. lentils, vegetarian food, whole spices or powders or ready to eat food packets.

To know more about us, we recommend you to talk to us on line : @688vynca or WhatsApp +886921004175

To read more about us, just google Mayur Indian Kitchen, Mayur International kitchen, Mayur Indian-International store in Taiwan!








想更加了解我們,我們建議您聯繫我們 Line:@ 688vynca或WhatsApp +886921004175


We pack food in paper made recyclable boxes, hygienic, neat and clean.

我們將食品包裝於可回收的紙盒中,衛生、整潔、乾淨。 最近,食品外送作為在冠狀病毒大流行期間需求增加的行業之一,諸如Ubereats,Foodpanda和Deliveroo之類的送貨服務巨頭都對其服務提出了越來越高的要求,並已採取諸如提供非接觸式送貨以保護客戶和送貨司機的程序。



1.我們提供新鮮食物,此為我們在台灣的台北、新竹、台中市區所知名的,看看我們的印度與國際餐廳 Indianfoodtaiwan.com

2.我們用跳脫框架的事物來讓我們經歷兩週或短期困難時刻的隔離顧客感到舒適。閱讀更多最近台灣隔離者們的推薦。在WhatsApp或Line上私訊我們了解更多! 3.隔離過程中最大的問題是付款,我們可以幫助您以任何國際貨幣以無接觸、無壓力的現金或信用卡付款方式而不會花很多錢


4.如果您正在尋找清真食品或純素料理或者您是猶太男女或有孩子,無論您來自何處、無論您的種族,我們都會根據您的預算為您提供各種服務如食品、 飲品、個人用品、化妝品、藥品等任何台灣找得到的(本地或進口)

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