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Angoori Barfi is the latest addition of fresh homemade Indian sweets made by Chefs of Mayur Indian Kitchen for MIK stores Taiwan. It is made of milk products, milk solids, sugar and silver work outisde.

安谷莉糕點是馬友友印度廚房的廚師為台灣馬友友商店製作的最新新鮮自製印度甜點。 它由奶製品、乳固體、糖和銀製成。


Order online here or by line: @miktaiwan. VIP/Discount card doesn't apply on sweets. For more variety visit our physical stores in Taipei, Hsinchu or Taichung, Taiwan. 馬友友印度在此線上訂購或者Line: @miktaiwan。VIP貴賓卡/折扣卡不適用於甜食。更多類型請造訪我們在台灣台北、新竹或台中的實體店面。

Angoori Barfi 安谷莉糕點 (100gm) 6 pc approx. 約6個

PriceFrom NT$120
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