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Many southern Indian dishes fry mustard seeds whole in hot oil at the beginning of cooking, a method known as 'tempering' or 'tarka', which brings out a sweeter side of their taste. Powdered mustard has no aroma when dry, but a hot flavor is released when it is mixed with water.

Pepper is best ground directly on to food. For spicy food it is best to add pepper well towards the end of the cooking process, to preserve its aroma.

許多南印度菜餚在烹飪開始時用熱油將芥末籽整粒炒製,這種方法被稱為“煸炒”或“塔卡”,可以帶來更甜的味道。 芥末粉在乾燥時沒有香氣,但與水混合時會釋放出辣味。



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Black Mustard Seeds 黑芥末子 IS-007

PriceFrom NT$120
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