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Britannia’s Premium Bake suji Rusk is a very popular companion of the masala tea! Many Indian’s have grown up eating Wheat & Suji Rusk. It’s famously known for its high quality taste, crunch and texture. This lip-smacking snack is guaranteed to be irresistible. Britannia 的 Premium Bake suji Rusk 是香料奶茶非常受歡迎的良伴! 許多印度人從小就吃小麥和蘇吉麵包乾。 它以其高品質的口感、鬆脆和質地而聞名。 這種令人咂舌的零嘴保證是不可抗拒的。


made in India 印度製造 veg/vegan/halal product 素食/純素/清真 Self pickup from our physical store in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and other brancehs or delivery available by courier, convenience store like 7-11, family mart, or by shopee etc. Price depends upon quantity, MIK store reserve the rights to change price, quantity, etc at any given point of time. Line us @miktaiwan for bulk buying, discounts, any more details etc. 在台北、新北、桃園、新竹、台中等實體店自取或由宅配、7-11、全家便利商店、蝦皮等寄送。價格視數量而定,馬友友商店保留根據需求、供應、政府規則等更改價格、數量等的權利。批貨、折扣、更多詳情請Line我們@miktaiwan


小麥粉(65%)糖 植物油(棕櫚油 芝麻油)
麵粉(7%) 酵母脫脂奶粉(0.7%) 鹽 麵筋(小麥) 

wheat flour (65%), sugar, vegetable fat (contains one or more of palm oil or sesame oil), semolina (7%), yeast skim milk powder (0.7%), salt, gluten (wheat), 


SKU: 8901063325104
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