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Dried Rose Buds can be used as a garnish or flavouring for a variety of dishes and drinks. Most commonly, edible Rose Buds are used as sweet garnishes. The edible flowers can be used whole, pushed into buttercream cakes. As well as larger celebration cakes, the flowers can also be used as cocktail garnishes. 乾玫瑰花可用作各種菜餚和飲料的裝飾物或調味劑。 最常見的是,食用玫瑰花用作甜味裝飾。食用花卉可整粒使用,置入奶油蛋糕中。除了較大的慶祝蛋糕外,鮮花還可以用作雞尾酒裝飾。


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Dried Rose Buds Gulab phool 玫瑰花瓣

PriceFrom NT$150
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