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Fennel seeds are a warm sweet spices which Helps Regulate Blood Pressure, helps purify blood,Improves eyesight etc.

The seeds and leaves of the fennel plant both have an aniseed or liquorice flavour, although the flavour of fennel is milder and somewhat sweeter than aniseed or licorice. Fennel seeds used as a spice and an after-meal in India . It can be used as Aroma while cooking as specially Briyani or Kara KolambuSaunf powder is nothing but sombu in tamil.


茴香植物的種子和葉子都有茴香或甘草的味道,儘管茴香的味道比茴香或甘草更溫和,更甜一些。 茴香籽在印度用作香料和餐後食品。它可以在烹飪時用作提香特別是香料炒飯等。


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Fennel Seeds 茴香子 IS-022 100gm.

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