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HALDIRAM Masala Chana 印度鷹嘴豆休閒點心150gm
Irresistible, toasted chanas loaded with Haldiram's special masala mix. This crunchy, spicy snack is highly addictive and an extraordinary treat to your senses., a perfect snack to go with tea or drinks! 
Product detail: Veg/vegan/halal 
鷹嘴豆、精製棕櫚油、鹽 (鹽 碘化鉀)、 紅辣椒、黑胡椒、乾洋蔥粉、孜然、乾蒜粉、薑黃、 乾芒果粉、小荳蔻、乾薑粉、肉荳蔻、月桂葉、丁香、 肉桂、調味劑(檸檬酸)、抗氧化劑、阿魏

HALDIRAM Masala Chana 印度鷹嘴豆休閒點心150gm

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