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HALDIRAM PANCHRATTAN 印度馬鈴薯堅果綜合休閒點心 150gm

Spicy potato crispies mixed with a combination of rich cashews, almonds and raisins. An original Haldiram's recipe, Panchratan Mix is a royal treat, bursting with flavour. 香辣脆洋芋混合了豐富的腰果、杏仁和葡萄乾。 作為 Haldiram 的原創配方,印度馬鈴薯堅果綜合休閒點心是一種皇家款待,味道濃郁。


made in India 印度製造

veg/vegan/halal product 素食/純素/清真

Self pickup from our physical store in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and other brancehs or delivery available by courier, convenience store like 7-11, family mart, or by shopee etc. Price depends upon quantity, MIK store reserve the rights to change price, quantity, etc at any given point of time. Line us @miktaiwan for bulk buying, discounts, any more details etc.


HALDIRAM PANCHRATTAN 印度馬鈴薯堅果綜合休閒點心 150gm

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