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粗糖粉是由甘蔗汁液製成的,是一種美味的甜味劑,可以代替許多食物中的糖。 它可以以塊狀或粉末的形式儲存,隨後可以混合到食品中。 想要不吃糖的人可以吃印度進口的粗糖粉,比糖更有利於新陳代謝。

Jaggery powder is made from the sap of sugarcane that is delicious sweetener to replace the sugar in a lot of foods. It can be stored in the form of blocks or powder which can be later mixed into a food item. Anyone who wants to avoid sugar can have jaggery powder imported from India, good for your metabolism as compare to sugar

Jaggery powder 印度蔗糖粉 500gms

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