Tandoori Malai Tikka (raw, marinated) 坦都炭烤優格雞(醃製過的生食)10 skewers

Tandoori Malai Tikka (raw, marinated) 坦都炭烤優格雞(醃製過的生食)10 skewers



Tandoori Malai Tikka (raw, marinated) (no spicy at all)

坦都炭烤優格雞(醃製過的生食)10 skewers


breast of chicken marinated with spices and yogurt skewered into bamboo stick with vegetables. Ready to bbq grill and eat.

用香料和酸奶醃製的雞胸肉串與蔬菜。 燒烤熟後就可享受美味的烤雞串。


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What's special about Mayur's Indian Stores Taiwan & how it's related to 'Made in India' initiative in Taipei, Taiwan1?

Mayur Indian Kitchen which is well known for an Indian restaurant chain in Taipei, Taiwan has set up an easy way to share fresh Indian food products, groceries for everyone at best price.
Welcome to indianstoretaiwan.com.!!! where hundreds of Indian grocery, health & beauty products are available just a click away. The growing demand of the Indian spices, tea, food groceries in Taipei, Taiwan pushed MIK Taiwan to go for an Indian store in Taiwan.
 Mayur's Indian Store is a subsidiary of 'DO it co. ltd' which is registered in Taipei, Taiwan. We are financing and buying from small manufacturing units / new potential companies to produce more quality 'ORGANIC' Indian products in India & pulling it to Taiwan. Our aim is not only to bring you the variety of the best quality Indian products in the most efficient manner but also helps to generate jobs & skill within India-Taiwan and gives better opportunities to grow together. We are committed to our customers & buyer for a better life. Thank you for your patronage.


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