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-18°C degrees storage -18度冷凍保存

5°C degrees storage for 48 hours 5度冷藏48小時

Please consume immediately after opening 開封後請立即食用完畢

Any question call有問題請撥打WhatsApp +886921004175 / Line : mayur.indian

If adding ingredients, it must cooked above 100 degrees 若自行加入配料則需為100度以上之熟食

Ingredients: whole wheat flour, onion, mixed spices, turmeric powder


Oven at 150 degrees for 3 minutes 烤箱150度加熱3分鐘

Cooking in a pan 平底鍋加熱烹煮

Half-cooked product 此為半熟商品

Frozen Onion kulcha 冷凍洋蔥印度麵餅 8 pc cut

庫存單位: MIKR-010
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