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9x26.5(height) cm

Handmade and handpainted Indian style clay made waterbottle for anyone to use, keep your water clean and cool without adding ice into it. Perfect for storing your drink and add positive energy if you are using such recyclable natural product. Be proud of yourself very attractive and traditional style Indian handicraft. Imported from India into Taiwan

手工製作且手繪的印度風粘土製成的水瓶適合任何人使用,保持水清潔和涼爽,無需添加冰塊。 若使用這種可回收的天然產品,非常適合存放您的飲料並增添正能量。 為自己非常具吸引力且傳統風格的印度手工藝品感到自豪。 印度進口至台灣

Handmade Indian style clay water bottle 手工印度風泥製水瓶

NT$320 一般價格
  • Home delivery available.For more information, please ask us!

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