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India Gate Premium Basmati Rice has all the characteristics of a pure basmati rice grain: it's silky, pearly white, extra fine, and exceptionally long. The extended length, fineness, and smooth texture of India Gate Premium basmati rice differentiate it from other varieties. The grains of this basmati rice will not split or stick together once they have been cooked. The flavor of this basmati rice is tempting, and the aroma is wonderful.

India Gate 優質香米具有純香米榖物的所有特徵:絲滑、珍珠白、超細緻且特別長。India Gate優質香米的長度、細度和光滑質地使其區別於其他品種。這種印度香米的顆粒在煮熟後不會裂開或粘在一起。 此印度香米味道誘人,香氣撲鼻。


To know more details, order bulk or talk to us by line: @miktaiwan 

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India Gate Basmati Rice (बासमती चावल) Premium 香米 1kg.

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