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It's a vegetarian spice mix without any meat inside, a perfect standardized ratio of spices to make Indians home style curries or sauteed vegetables. It can be used for making other curry base sauce too! It is not a curry powder. It's a king of all masalas. 此為一種素食綜合香料,裡面沒有任何肉類,完美的標準化香料比例用以製作印度家常咖哩或炒蔬菜,也可以用來製作其他咖哩醬基底! 此非咖哩粉。此為瑪沙拉中的佼佼者。



To know more details, order bulk or talk to us by line: @miktaiwan 
欲瞭解更多、大量批貨或和我們對話請Line: @miktaiwan
Whatsapp: +886921004175

MDH Kitchen King Masala 綜合香料粉(煮咖哩用) 100gm

價格自 NT$110
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