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Panch Phoron – it’s a mix of five aromatic spices – fenugreek seeds, nigella seeds, cumin seeds, radhuni and fenel seeds. It works wonderfully to flavor the dish. It’s used for tampering and goes very well with lentils, vegetable stir-fries, pickles, even with the meats.

它是五種芳香香料的混合物——胡蘆巴子、黑種草子、孜然子、拉杜尼和茴香子。 它可以很好的為菜色調味。 它用於煸炒且非常適合搭配小扁豆、蔬菜炒菜、泡菜甚至肉類。


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Panch Phoron 孟加拉五香粉 100gm.

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