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Ingredients: Assam Black Tea dust powder




Original package 1kg,If the purchase is less than 1kg, it will be divided



Boil 2 cups of water, add a spoon of tata tea powder, boil it for five min. and sieve it, add milk to make milk tea or spices for making masala tea.


燒開2杯水,加入一勺塔塔茶粉,煮沸五分鐘。 將其過篩,加入牛奶做成奶茶或香料做成香料奶茶。


Storage instructions:

once opened, transfer the content into an airtight container and keep the lit tightly closed after each use.




The Image are for reference purpose. The actual product may differ from the image.

網站上的圖片僅供買家參考 , 實際的商品以出貨的包裝為主 .

Tata Agni tea 印度茶葉

價格自 NT$120
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