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Quick contacts for any inquiry:
LINE: @miktaiwan
Whatsapp: +886921004175

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You Can Find Us in Any of These Locations

You can find us in various cities in Taiwan. We are available in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and growing towards south of Taiwan.

No. 64-2, Sec. 2, Jinan Rd., Taipei

(+886) 02-2321-2261

No.8, Ln. 630, Bei an Rd., Taipei 

(+886) 02-2533-0698

No. 412, Guangming First Road, Hsinchu County, Zhubei City

(+886) 03-558-4666

2F, No.1, Ln146, Sec4 Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an Dist, Taipei City

(+886) 02-2711-2067

No.12-8, Beishizi, New Taipei City

(+886) 02-2636-8851

No. 188, Sec. 3, Huilai Rd., Taichung


No. 953, Zhongzheng Rd, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City


No. 203, Sec. 4, Chenggong Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we pay through Credit Card or International card etc.!?
    Yes, the MIK store offers Cash on delivery, online payments getaway like Paypal, line pay, and online credit card payment services. For more details, ask us on line: @miktaiwan or whatsapp: +886921004175
  • How much is your delivery fees!?
    The MIK stores don't charge extra fees or surcharges on delivery, infact we offer free delivery if you are within 3km range of any MIK stores in Taiwan. For other private delivery options like 7-11, HCT etc. they charge as per the volume, weight and distance of the whole delivery.
  • Do you deliver cash on delivery anywhere in Taiwan!?
    Yes, MIK stores in Taiwan deliver self and private couriers like 7-11. HCT. Post, Family mart, and Shopee services for faster smoother delivery of products. If you are within 3km of any MIK stores anywhere in Taiwan, you could enjoy our free delivery services* too.

No. 10, Guangfu N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City

(+886) 02-2578-0398

​(Opening Mar. 2023)







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