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MIK extra long grain biryani basmati rice From the Northern plain ground of Punjab, India, MIK basmati rice is one of the best of the quality wise. Testing and ApprovalLab tested by reputable SGS laboratories and approved by Taiwan's FDA for import from India to Taiwan.

Sona Masuri is a lightweight and aromatic medium-grain rice which is the result of a cross combination of the rice varieties Sona and Mahsuri. Used primarily in South Indian cuisine.

Flattened rice is a breakfast staple in South Asia where it is known as poha, pauwa,avalakki etc. It is a good source of carbohydrates, is packed with iron, is rich in fibre, and is a good source of antioxidants and essential vitamins.

Fluffy grains of ponni rice, perfect for a variety of curries. An excellent source of protein and high in nutrients, Ponni Rice is also especially beneficial for diabetics and high blood sugar patients.

Jasmine Thai Long grain rice

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