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how to make RICE IDLI

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Put to boil approx. 1 Ltr. water in a large steaming vessel or pressure cooker. Mix contents of this pack with separate 320ml water and 15ml (1 tbsp.) refined edible oil. Stir to smooth butter.

Lightly grease Idli moulds with oil. Stir butter gently and pour (2 1/4 tbsp.) into each mould.

Place Idli moulds inside the steaming vessel. Cover and steam on high heat for 15 mins. If a pressure cooker is used, do not apply weight/whistle. Repeat the same steps for the second part of the mix. Serve steaming hot, fluffy side up with Gits Instant Sambhar and coconut chutney.

將約 1 公升水放入大型蒸籠或壓力鍋中煮沸。將本包內容物與 320 毫升水和 15 毫升(1 湯匙)精煉食用油混合。 攪拌至滑順的奶油。

在米餅模具上塗抹少許油。 輕輕攪拌奶油並將(2又1/4 湯匙)倒入每個模具中。

將米餅模具放入蒸籠內。蓋上鍋蓋,大火蒸15分鐘。 若使用高壓鍋,請勿施加重物/哨子。對混合的第二部分重複相同的步驟。 鬆軟熱騰騰的與蔬菜香料湯與椰子醬一起上桌。

GITS RICE IDLI BREAKFAST MIX 綜合調理粉-製作米之糕點用 200gm.

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