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Haldiram's Soan Papdi 印度酥糖(原味) 250gm.  
Savoury and sweet Indian gram flour and clarifies desi ghee butter made, Soan papdi

Luxurious, flaky cubes of besan and sweet milk that melt in your mouth. Intricately layered with the mouthwatering flavours of cardamom. This original cotton candy confection of India is a treat for the young and the old!

香甜開胃的印度麵粉以及澄清酥油奶油製成酥糖。 奢華的片狀鷹嘴豆塊和甜牛奶入口即化。錯綜地夾雜著令人垂涎的小荳蔻滋味。此印度原創的棉糖老少皆宜!
成        份: 糖,印度酥油,雞豆粉,小麥粉,杏仁, 


made in India 印度製造 veg/vegan/halal product 素食/純素/清真 Self pickup from our physical store in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and other brancehs or delivery available by courier, convenience store like 7-11, family mart, or by shopee etc. Price depends upon quantity, MIK store reserve the rights to change price, quantity, etc at any given point of time. Line us @miktaiwan for bulk buying, discounts, any more details etc. 在台北、新北、桃園、新竹、台中等實體店自取或由宅配、7-11、全家便利商店、蝦皮等寄送。價格視數量而定,馬友友商店保留根據需求、供應、政府規則等更改價格、數量等的權利。批貨、折扣、更多詳情請Line我們@miktaiwan

Haldiram's Soan Papdi 印度酥糖(原味) 250gm.

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