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Haldiram Aloo bhujiya stands for savoury deep fried snacks made of thiny graded Potato and mixed with many spices, a perfect snack with masala tea.

Haldiram Aloo bhujia 美味的油炸小吃,由經分級的迷你馬鈴薯製成,並混合了許多香料,是搭配香料奶茶的完美點心。

菜豆粉 棉仔油 雞豆粉 碘鹽 (鹽 碘化鉀) 紅辣椒粉 丁香粉 黑胡椒 薑粉 小荳蔻 月桂葉 肉豆蔻 肉桂
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Price depends on quantitySelf pickup: Taipei / Hsinchu / Taichung branchDelivery: post / 7-11 / HCTContact: Line @miktaiwan / Whatsapp +886921004175Item Weight 1000 Grams, Made in India價格取決於數量自取:台北/新竹/台中分店外送:郵寄/7-11/貨運聯絡:Line @miktaiwan / Whatsapp +886921004175


Haldiram's Aloo Bhujia 印度馬鈴薯條休閒點心 42gm

SKU: 8904063240057
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