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Black or Kala Chana dal(चना दाल) 馬友友印度黑雞豆仁


Black chickpea or Kala chana Dals are delicious in taste Rich in Nutrients: split chickpeas or chana dal is naturally rich in protein and high in dietary fibreDoes not undergo any artificial polishing with water, oil or leather thereby retaining its goodness and wholesomeness關於產品:鷹嘴豆味道鮮美富含營養:剖半鷹嘴豆或鷹嘴豆天然富含蛋白質和高膳食纖維不經過任何水、油或皮革的人工拋光,從而保持其美味和健康


To know more details, order bulk or talk to us by line: @miktaiwan 欲瞭解更多、大量批貨或和我們對話請Line: @miktaiwanWhatsapp: +886921004175

Kala Chana dal(Black chickpeas)印度雞豆仁

PriceFrom NT$160
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