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Himalayan Kala namak, black salt is a high in antioxidants and has a surprisingly low sodium content. It stimulates bile production in the liver, which helps to control heartburn and bloating. It reduces acid, gas, and flatulence production and relieves reflux, and increases vitamin absorption in the small intestine.

喜馬拉雅黑鹽富含抗氧化劑,鈉含量低得驚人。 它刺激肝臟產生膽汁,有助於控制胃灼熱和腹脹。 它可以減少酸、氣體和腸胃脹氣的產生,緩解反流,並增加小腸對維生素的吸收。


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Black Salt 黑鹽 100 gm. (Kala namak)

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