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The hard brown seed from the nutmeg tree has a warm, spicy sweet flavor. Nutmeg contains many anti-oxidant, disease preventing, and health promoting properties. Nutmeg is used in sweet and spicy dishes like pies, custard, cookies spice cakes, cheese sauces, soups, egg and vegetables dishes.

肉荳蔻樹堅硬的棕色種子具有溫暖、辛辣的甜味。 肉荳蔻含有許多抗氧化、預防疾病和促進健康的特性。 肉荳蔻用於甜味和辣味菜餚,如餡餅、奶油凍、餅乾、香料蛋糕、奶酪醬、湯、雞蛋和蔬菜菜餚。


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Nutmeg 肉豆蔻

PriceFrom NT$100
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