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Oregano is a wonderful everlasting culinary and medicinal herb. Oregano is a warm and aromatic yet slightly bitter herb in the mint family. Oregano is a relatively good source of calcium, iron, manganese, Vitamin A, C and K.

Oregano can be used in more than just pizza and pasta sauce. The beautiful green herb adds a delicious, and perhaps unexpected, earthy flavor to several dishes including chicken, seafood, hamburgers, even beans. Also, try it in your next homemade pesto for a bit of a more robust topping for pasta or fish.

一種美妙的永恆的烹飪和藥草。 薄荷家族中一種溫暖而芳香但略帶苦味的草本植物。 是鈣、鐵、錳、維生素 A、C 和 K 的相對良好來源。

俄力岡不僅可以用於披薩和意大利麵醬。 美麗的綠色草本植物為雞肉、海鮮、漢堡包等甚至豆類在內的各種菜餚增添美味,也許是出乎意料的自然風味。此外,在你下次自製香蒜醬中嘗試一下,為意大利面或魚提供更濃郁的配料。


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Oregano Leaves 俄力岡香菜 100gm.

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