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It is a very popular snack in India, First need to open up this pack and deep fry it  till golden brown. Paani poori is typically eaten by first cracking a small hole in the crispy puri shell, then filling it with a spoonful of mashed potato, chickpeas, or other filling. The puri is then dipped into a spicy and tangy mint water (paani) before being popped into the mouth whole.    

它是印度非常受歡迎的小吃,首先需要打開包裝並將其炸至金黃色。 Paani Poori 的吃法通常是先在酥脆的 Puri 外殼上開一個小孔,然後用一勺土豆泥、鷹嘴豆或其他餡料填入其中。 然後將其浸入香辣濃郁的薄荷水(paani)中,然後整個放入口中。


PriceFrom NT$99
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