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Fresh Cumin seed, dried, roasted and grounded to perfection.
Whole cumin grounded to powder to sprinkle very little on salads, soups, curries etc. It is a cumin spice powder, not curry powder.


整粒孜然磨成粉末用以撒上少許在沙拉、湯、咖哩等。 此為孜然香料粉,不是咖哩粉。



To know more details, order bulk or talk to us by line: @miktaiwan 

欲瞭解更多、大量批貨或和我們對話請Line: @miktaiwan

Whatsapp: +886921004175

Cumin Jeera powder (जीरा) 孜然粉小茴香粉 100 gm.

庫存單位: MIKGS-016
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