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how to make GULAB JAMUN

see full recipe into easy steps




Add, in parts 100-120ml (3/4 Cup) water/ milk to the Gulab Jamun mix. Knead gently into soft and smooth dough. Apply ghee or oil on both the palms & then shape 40 round and smooth jamuns without cracks from the dough.

Deep fry in ghee or oil on medium to low heat until golden brown. Drain excess oil.

Soak the jamuns in hot sugar syrup' for 30 minutes.

將 100-120 毫升(3/4 杯)水/牛奶分批加入玫瑰奶球混合物中。 輕輕揉成柔軟光滑的麵團。在手掌上塗上酥油或油,然後將 40 個圓形、光滑、麵團沒有裂痕的果醬成型。

在酥油或油裡用中低火炸至金黃色。 排出多餘的油。

將果球浸泡在熱糖漿中 30 分鐘。

GITS MEDU VADA BREAKFAST MIX 綜合調理粉-製作豆麵包用 200gm.

NT$100 一般價格
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