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Mace spice is a dried, outer aril of the nutmeg. It has aroma than nutmeg. Mace spice greatly enhances color, taste and flavor of foods. It contains higher concentration of trimyristine, and many essential volatile oils. It also good resource of vitamin A,C, Iron, Copper and Calcium.

荳蔻皮香料是肉荳蔻的干燥外層假種皮。 它比肉荳蔻有香氣。荳蔻皮香料極大地增強了食物的顏色、味道和風味。 它含有較高濃度的三肉荳蔻鹼和許多必需的揮發油。 它也是維生素A、C、鐵、銅和鈣的良好來源。


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Mace Javitri 肉荳蔻乾皮

價格自 NT$110
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