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Indian-style tasty Maggi notes with masala inside!

Maggi masala magic is an instant noodle famous product in India with a unique blend of spices or masala powder made and distributed by the Maggi nestle company!



made in India 印度製造 veg/vegan/halal product 素食/純素/清真 Self pickup from our physical store in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and other branches or delivery available by courier, convenience store like 7-11, family mart, or by shoppe etc. Price depends upon quantity, MIK store reserve the rights to change price, quantity, etc at any given point of time. Line us @miktaiwan for bulk buying, discounts, any more details etc. 在台北、新北、桃園、新竹、台中等實體店自取或由宅配、7-11、全家便利商店、蝦皮等寄送。價格視數量而定,馬友友商店保留根據需求、供應、政府規則等更改價格、數量等的權利。批貨、折扣、更多詳情請Line我們@miktaiwan


Expire date: jan 2024

到期日: 2024年1月

Maggi Masala Noodles 香料麵 70gm.

NT$45 一般價格
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